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A truly great thing about writing is being able to express our inner thoughts for others to enjoy—or enjoy to hate, evident in the no holds barred review process we writers quickly become subject to. We call this Freedom of Speech or Freedom of Expression: an international human right in all democratic societies.

However, even though we can write what we want, we will always have a cloud over our creative heads. This gloom comes in the form of censorship, ratings, political correctness, race, sexual preference; and the list continues… Sure, if you’re writing just for yourself, you probably don’t have to worry about these things. But writers who are trying to create an audience have to consider all of this when exercising their right.

Economics plays a big part in a writer’s freedom too. Any publisher will encourage their writers to brand themselves. This is why we see authors writing in a specific genre; they write a series to give their audience more about the hero they’ve created. Although this is certainly a good strategy for building a writing career, it creates another roadblock which prevents us from telling you what we really feel.

It doesn’t have to be this way, though. There’s a phrase in the writing world: Concept is King. Not genre; not franchise heroes, but it’s the story idea that captures an audience above all else. The subject is up for debate, but any writer will tell you the same thing. When you come up with a Jurassic Park, the world stops, and the story must be written.

This happened to me with Circumcised at Seventeen. Before this story I had two novels completed: Purified—a medical thriller, and Sins of a Priest—a supernatural thriller. Circumcised at Seventeen took me pretty far away from that thriller brand. This story’s genre is young adult comedy. At this point I can see any publishers reading this actually cringe… But it’s a story that is described in three words; it’s extremely unique, and we’ll see if it attracts a large audience.

Next up, I’ll be heading back into the thriller genre with a sci-fi thriller: A World Without Roads. Beyond that I have other comedy ideas and a sport drama concept that I’d like to get into print.

High concepts tend to rule my writing. They’re what I search for when I work on new story ideas; they are what motivates me to dive into a new project from scratch. Above all of that, exploring them allows me to express that freedom to write what I want.

If concept truly rules, I may be on to a different approach with branding myself as a concept writer. This thinking among the vast community of writers could generate a fantastic pool of unique stories for readers to enjoy. If publishers are correct with their branding strategies, however, I may be just writing for myself.


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