The Green Line – E. C. Diskin – ***** (5 Star)

March 11, 2014

I’m Smarter after Reading “The Green Line”

There’s a popular saying among those who teach writing—”Write what you know.”  E. C. Diskin has taken her skills as a lawyer and nicely crafted them into the telling of Abby Donovan’s story.  She teaches us about a law that may motivate corruption within the social services we depend on.  She walks us through the routines of being a lawyer—something we rarely experience.  She uses this to dig our protagonist deeper and deeper into conflict until we truly can’t see how she will succeed.

The story starts off with a nail biting incident that sets the story in motion, pulling Abby away from her pressure packed but successful carrier.  Abby struggles to find logic in all that is happening around her, and she fears her career is about to pay.  But she doesn’t allow herself to forget what she has witnessed and what she has learned about it.  The lawyer in her searches for answers, many of which she is unprepared for.

The Green Line gets 5 stars not only for the story itself, but also for its success in this highly competitive industry of literature.  This debut novel has risen from an unknown, self-published piece of work into a title that currently sits on Amazon’s Best Seller lists.  With a strong tale, and the determination to work it through the many roadblocks that cause most new writers to fail; E. C. Diskin provides us all with an inspiring success story.

Brian Robert Smith


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