Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn – **** (4 Star)

February 16, 2014

Strategic, Confused—Depends on the POV you choose…

Flynn has written Gone Girl in first person; changing POV between the main characters, chapter by chapter.  For me, this didn’t work because I tended to find empathy for both.  I didn’t really have an antagonist.  I certainly didn’t hate her or hate what she was doing.  Both Nick and Amy are flawed in Gone Girl. In the end it is Nick’s story, but I was routing for both of them.  It really shouldn’t be like this—we should worry for the good guy and hate the bad guy.

Nick’s story centers on his confusion about what has happened to his wife.  Amy story is strategic.  Both perspectives were good, and we find ourselves in superior position a lot.  This definitely kept the story moving, but I was confused about whose story it was.

Some of Amy’s actions may be questionable, but I’m not the type that challenges that.  An author creates a character and puts them in situations that forces them to make decisions.  Some may be right, and some may be wrong; but the story is developed from these actions, and it’s really how the story unfolds that is important.

I found Gone Girl a good story—not great but good.  It was well paced and kept my interest throughout.  It will be interesting to see what the actors add to these compelling characters.  I think the success of the movie will be all about the acting.

Brian Robert Smith


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